Monday, June 8, 2009

out and about in ohio the 'birthplace of aviation'

when in rome ..... went to a baseball game. the cincinnati reds v chicago cubs. enjoyed the performance. particularly when miss teen ohio walked onto the field and gave everyone a wave. she did it well. my cousin and her hubby brought me and assured me that it was very important for me to try a local speciality. a cheese coney. it is (in order from the bottom): hot dog bun, mini hot dog, skyline chilli, grated cheese. all washed down with a bud light! aahhh i do enjoy a bit of calorific contradiction. it was darn tasty ya'll. this was downtown cinn on the way back to the car :

in an effort to stay true to the spirit of the state i visited the air force museum in dayton, ohio. 2 giant hangers of airplanes. my size of proportion was completely off kilter in it. the sheer scale of everything was enormous. heres me in front of some sort of an airplane. looking very tiny. note: 'niamh was ere' its very important to have pictures of oneself taken in front of various articles of sight seeing interest. I must perform my duty as a tourist by partaking in this much choreographed dance of smiling and posing. (only reason is to fulfill the familial gaze? this is all a tad pretentious?) heres me ....


  1. Ah baseball, greasy food and big machines. You are doing America proud with your adventurous tourism. Hope DC treats you well. x

  2. i love that you called the baseball game a performance. it does involve standing and clapping...and the wave...


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