Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the capital-washington dc 'taxation without representation'.

day 1:
sleep was priority number one in the nations capital. the land of nod can be difficult to find in a bed thats not big enough for you. hostels: a necessary evil.
day 2:
meet me at the museum: the day started with a late rising and a phone call.
me and joe began our wanderings at the national gallery of art. followed by lunch at potbelly where we watched the suits come and go. there are many many suits in washington dc. i've never seen such a high concentration. joe left a passage at the booth at potbelly : http://www.passages-placed.blogspot.com/

lunch was followed by a visit to the hirshhorn museum and sculpture gallery. my favourite image was 'venus, jupiter & mars' by frederick sommer.

the more obvious attractions followed: the washington monument, the lincoln memorial and spotting the white house. while sitting on a tree by the washington monument helicopters flew low overhead. 3 in total, all heading towards the white house. the first pulled away to the left and last pulled away to the right and the middle chopper landed on the green of the white house. it could only have been one man.
more food accompanied by locally brewed ales; drunken behaviour.

day 3:
met emily for a late lunch and enjoyed a maryland speciality: crab cake. while strickly speaking dc is a commonwealth to itself, we were close enough to maryland to try it out!
afterwards got the train out to arlington to the military gravyard to see the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier.
hung out in adams morgan for the evening: drinks, noodles, drinks and home.
had to say farewell to my newest companion: my 5th date friend joe.
aren't the connections we make with people curious things?


  1. curious things = drunken behavior? that is curious...

  2. all in all it continues to look like a real excursion in tir na nog! Look forward to having a chat. I will ring you tomorrow afternoon at about 16.00 ( 11.00 your time I think!)
    Thinking about lots, and lots. Lotta, Pop.

  3. the last line should read thinking about u lots and lots.thanx for the photos. Pop.


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