Tuesday, June 2, 2009

boston: in the day time part II

went to boston public library. fantastic building. the stairwells were my favourite part. the light was amazing. also went to the isabella stewart gardiner museum. http://www.gardnermuseum.org/ the most amazing museum i've been in. she is my new idol. it has the cutest cafe, only seats around 30 people. i was the youngest person in the room! had a pate with pistacho nuts with toasted sour dough bread all served on a mini chopping board.

had lunch at quincy market (or course) and then did some of the harbour walk. it was freezing. but found a sheltered spot. watched all of the office workers strut by in their suits and new balance/asics gels on their lunch hour.

thought about how cities carry the ghosts of people that were once there. the ghosts of my own past still lingered. even in the places they had never been. the air seemed to carry the memories to me.

daily: post hot choc and reading took the 't' downtown to go about all of my cultural stuff. because im great.

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