Wednesday, June 24, 2009

cities and disillusionment

what is it that makes a city?

what does any one city have over another? are they not all held together with the same fences and walls? i forgot what solitary lonely places they can be. everyone is so full of their tasks. no amount of walking can force you onto the paths that are actually being walked. i find it hard to experience a city in isolation; it is the conversation before, during and after the fact that defines, not the city, but the experience of it. this is my first unconversationed city. no like minds to dissect with.
it doesnt feel like im living in it; it feels as though im just haunting the air around it.
and what can any one city offer that a home city doesnt? they have the same faces, shops, cafes, bricks, clothes, complacency is the only barrier to home.
sitting in the sun in a park is much the same experience in any city-anywhere in the world. what is the need to see another?

i am in montreal.

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