Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The joys of procrastination

Ahh the virtues of procrastination. Great to know there are some after all. Just finished this article and felt it was kind of imperative to share it : (sorry but for some reason my hyper linking is refusing to work so its a copy and paste job....but its worth it!)

I decided to get rid of one of my obstacles to writing, the internet. Its devilish ways were too much for my attention span so it got the axe. For those of you who aren't brave enough to go that far you might benefit from this little program :

even with it gone though I still find it hard to put bum to chair. Last night I baked a potato that obviously needed constant supervision. I then went onto stew some plums in my fancy new gadget; a slow cooker. A walk was also in order.....all in all i got about about five sentences moved and a few others deleted. But even that eases the guilt. Punishment-reward, punishment-reward. Myself and my house mate have even created a little dance for it. now if that's not productive procrastination I don't know what is.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Reading at 3.0 Fingal Arts Festival

I'm doing a reading at the fingal 3.0 annual writer's festival. I will be reading on the 20th of october in farmleigh house. Tickets are free but you have to apply for them. See the link at the end.

An Audience with John Banville
Wednesday 20th October / 7.30pm
The Library, Farmleigh

Critically acclaimed writer, John Banville, will introduce three new Fingal writers in the intimate library setting of Farmleigh. Pauline O’Hare, Niamh MacAlister and Brian Doherty were selected from an open writing competition initiated by artist Brian Duggan. Duggan is currently undertaking a Public Art Commission for Fingal County Council, developing a film which involves an unconventional journey and uses the Fingal landscape as its backdrop. The artist invited Fingal writers to respond to the theme, ‘3009’, and submit a piece of short fiction. The winners were then finally selected by John Banville, and will be included in Brian’s book, which will accompany his project. We are delighted to highlight the talents of these writers during Writing 3.0 and treat the audience to excerpts from the winning stories. Brian will also be available to discuss the development of his commission to date.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The birthday weekend

Is it sad to admit that the birthday bunting and balloons are still attached to the curtain poles?
One wonders what else there is to say about the birthday weekend. It really was that good-I couldn't have wished for more. People flying in from far flung and near flung places, people making and baking, getting presents (!), and of course the chat chat chatter. Its always nice to spend time with fantastic/amazing/inspiring people,
it certainly softens the blow of the whole getting older thing.

What better way to polish off such a perfect weekend than with an impromptu dip in the sea. What? yes.... as I power walked my way to the bull-wall the sun was shining and damn it that sea looked good, it had that turquoise thing going on so f@*k it-why not?! I took refuge in the first women's swimming shelter as I quickly stripped off to my undies-quickly quickly-down the steps into the water before I changed my mind. next thing I know I'm swimming towards to nana's chimneys (poolbeg power station). Well not quite that far-it was bloody freezing, oh no I mean it was 'refreshing'. A little bit out and back again. Don't know if it was swimming as much as crazy doggy paddle like movements to keep the blood running through my veins. Tentatively made my way back to my clothes and wringed myself out. Set off back to the house, hopped into a steaming shower and congratulated myself on a fine start to my thirtiness.
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