Sunday, June 28, 2009

around the city

in montreal it seems that i kept my activities to a minimum. im already forgetting what i did there. i know for sure i did the following things:
- the 'tam tam' at the park.
- museum of fine arts
- random encounter with relatively cute boy
- poetry reading to hear the following poets: dave silverberg, kate leadbeater, chris masson and sharm ista. it was a 'performace poetry' reading. hmm enough said.
- lots of general wandering
- st john's day festivities.
- ate poutine (for those not in the know: chips, cheese curd (a mix between mozzarella and cottage cheese) and gravy) i ate half of my serving and that was enough.
- stayed in a hotel for one night of comfortable bliss. took me three hours to find the bloody thing and once i found it i didnt leave. well except to get provisions which included: one baguette, pate, a local montreal cheese, biscuits, bottle of white Burgundy. i consumed everything and watched the michael jackson is rushed to hospital story unfold. it was the best night i had in montreal.


  1. Hey Erin used to comment about Poutine all the time! But doesn't sound like it was as good as cheesy chips oh wait isn't it cheesy chips?

  2. it is but the gravy gives it a whole other dimension!


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