Thursday, June 4, 2009

new hampshire 'live free or die'

beth drove us out to see lake winnipesaukee:

the state motto is 'live free or die'-its printed on all of the car registration plates. it just makes me think of crazy americans wielding guns at each other and the world. which seems contradictory to my short experience of new hampshire. small town, friendly. still the idolatry of the flag is hard to miss:

we were at an undisclosed location in new hampshire. the paranoid and free people of america did not lock their doors there. i dont think that even happens anywhere in ireland anymore? the evening we arrived was warm:

we went to robert frost's house in franconia. i never knew he had such a tragic life. must get on to reading him again. im letting the side down.
rain came down in a serious way so we took shelter in wedell's deli/cafe in franconia. that place was amazing: reuben sambo and choc chip oat cookie. although the propritor seemed to enjoy saying my name. is that it niamh? that'll be 8 dollars niamh- what dressing would you like niamh? i felt at a disadvantage as i didnt enquire as to his name. had i done that i might of leveled the playing field.


  1. i like, i like, more more more

  2. i drove past wendle's on my way to the wake last monday and thought, 'bbq chips! ham pesto sandwich! free puppies for unsupervised children!'


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