Tuesday, June 2, 2009

dim sum

dim sum in china town in ? (kristin help me out ..... ) this was breakfast/lunch before we headed to new hampshire. we had chinese tea, long noodles filled with prawns, rice noodles balls filled with prawn and pork and ones with just pork. and this crazy pastry tart for desert. unwarned i chomped into what i thought was a custard tart. my taste buds were met with the strangest unsweetened egg mixture i've ever tasted. what a disappointing end!!


  1. Food always the food...where did we go wrong?? You are painting a beautiful picture of your travels: images and words. It is heart-longing. Be about in "the cities of possibilities" and keep this blog not just going but alive as it is now. Lotta lotta, Pop.

  2. your blog is making me hungry. and egg tarts are 'deadly' and provided me with the funniest moment in weeks. :D

    it was chow chau city, btw.


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