Thursday, June 18, 2009

columbia, maryland

pit stopped at my cousin's (and his fabulous wife's) tastefully decorated apartment. hadn't seen martin in many many years. i spent the whole weekend laughing. we got lost and then got lost again; it was a recurring theme of the weekend-and it was great!we talked and talked and talked again; the other recurring theme of the weekend.

we took a meander around johns hopkins university campus and then we tried to see edgar allen poe's house ... in the projects. even my guide book said 'don't visit after dark'. when we eventually found it, it was closed.

we went to gettysburg the following day. followed the audio guide and still managed to get lost!!! the scale of it all was so huge-hard to imagine the breadth of dead on the fields and forests what we drove through. relic collectors made it all the more real though.

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