Sunday, September 6, 2009

yosemite national park

well to say that my green tortoise tour was a bit crazy is putting it mildly. we travelled, ate and slept on the bus-literally!
it was a regular bus until 'the miracle' was enacted-which involved moving seats and cushions turning the entire bus into a series of beds. strange but true. and of course there was more than one crazy person on the bus which had 32 people on it. having a good nights sleep was only a fond memory but luckily the good food made up for it! so what did i do:
hung out with 2 crazy london chicks: anne and lyndsey, hiked nevada falls, scooted around the park on vintage bicycles, swam in the devil's punch bowl (cold just isnt fitting enough), saw the giant sequoias and swam at sunset in considerably warmer water!
was a great crazy laugh! see the pictures to believe!

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