Thursday, September 10, 2009

san francisco part 2

well after returning after yosemite-priority number was shower. no strike that priority number one was breakfast. dim sum was calling us.
once fed, watered and cleaned it was time to reattack san francisco.
golden gate bridge: fogged in. hmm.
ok fine. chocolate then. got a ice cream sundae in ghirardellis.
fisherman's warf-check. although tooooo overcroweded and too much of a touristy magnet for me.
and that was kind of it. i didnt really do the beat tourist things either.
oh lara-what was the name of the tres trendy neighbourhood you sent me to?!


  1. ah deary me. why do i always forget to check your adventure list and then when i do i am at work and it makes me gloomy and happy at the same time. nice pic of you and sundae! sorry venice beach was a bust, hostel sounds dire. x


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