Monday, September 28, 2009

auckland, new zealand

i arrive into auckland early in the am. sun shining-chilly. atm refuses to spit out the dough good start in kiwi land. eventually get to the hostel. treat my jetlegged brain to a private room. staying in the 'trendy' are of ponsonby. funny how the word 'trendy' can have such different meanings.
first strange thing i notice about auckland is the shop awnings-from all shops, cafe's etc out over the path. great in the rain but looks really tatty. no shops or names that i recognise.
couldn't resist a little lie down. nothing better than a great little lie down!
3 hours later ..... i raise myself and have a wander around the neighbourhood. find myself a little organic supermarket/wine shop. shock when the total is called out-sweet jesus. back to the dough spitter outter. on reflection i realise that one euro gives me two nz dollars-phew!
not capable of too much so its dinner and bed. exciting times.
i could go about all the other little things i did when i was in auckland but i may as well face it the most exciting thing i did was jumping off the sky tower..... it deserves a post all of its own.......

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