Friday, September 11, 2009

venice beach, california

i reboarded the coastal starlight and made my way to LA. the scenery down the coast was just amazing and the tracks run parallel to route 101 for a while!
i arrived at the hostel pretty late and it was a complete dump. i was landed in a mixed dorm with 16 beds and i was the only girl. why are boys so smelly? answers on a postcard please.
the next day wasn't so bad. went to the beach and worked on my tan for a while-had a general wander around and met up with a fellow ex-chartbusters employee for drinks! we got very drunk and talked about broken hearts. its important to put the world to rights especially after a few vodkas.
venice beach was, overall, a bit rough around the edges. the main street away from the beach is nice but the beach front itself was kind of grotty and bursting at the seams with tourists.
saw muscle beach-just a pile of old homeless dudes lifting metal. but walked the pier which was nice-lots of people fishing.
highlight of venice for me was a great cafe called lemonade. sooooooo tasty. amazing salads really interesting mix of stuff, fresh lemonade and cakes. so good in two and a half days i went there twice!

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