Sunday, September 6, 2009

san francisco part 1

arrive into san francisco early enough in the morning and pretty tired. stayed on broadway beside all of the strip joints which was fantastic.

i started off with a general wander around. found a gallery opening offering free wine. the exhibition was curated by danielle steel (yes that danielle steel!). title of the exhibition was WORD, all of the works involved text in some way. it was pretty good. .

having the 2 free glasses of wine i was out for more. on my way back to the hostel i walked through the italian area. low and behold i stumbled upon snazzy italian deli doing a wine tasting. in i went! this is how it went down:
1- fog dog chardonnay 2006 (sonoma valley)
2- fog dog pinot noir 2006 (sonoma valley)
3- joseph phelps cab. sauv. 2005 92% cab., 6% petiti verdo, 2% merlot (napa valley)
4- insignia cab. sauv. 2005 92% cab., 7% petit verdo, 1% merlot (napa valley)
5- insignia cab. sauv. 2006 95% cab., 5% petit verdo (napa valley).
phew! its all new to me!

the next day, hung over, i proceeded to sfmoma. say 2 amazing exhibitions: richard avedon and ansel adams/georgia o'keefe. amazing.

spent some time hanging out in dolores park (very trendy) chomping on my bi-rite creamery ice creamery and people watching. saw a really well groomed pretty girl having a good nose picking session. pretty entertaining!

had a wander to grace catherdral and stayed on for their evensong service-all male choir plus organ, pretty stunning stuff. and had a did their meditative labyrinth, which was a really cool experience. basically it just means you walk around this flat maze. but your thoughts go quiet and your breathing evens and everything seems slower. it was really cool.

i wont lie-my legs were killing me i was determined not to be beaten by the hills but i fear they had the last laugh.

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