Wednesday, October 7, 2009

wellington aka city of the cully

cully and her beau andy court meet me at the station. the overview of the week i spend in wellington is food, food, wine and lie-ins. sheer bliss! there was botanic garden, wine tour in the martinborough wine region (mostly pinot noir), hiking, dvd watching, museums, hair appointment. but the highlight was our last supper in tinakori bistro: te kairanga pinot noir 06, prawns w/ garlic, butter cream, venison w/ roast garlic, kumara, flourless choc cake w/raspberry sorbet, remi cognac. yum yum yum-thanks cully! and not forgetting the cooking of max-he was one tasty trout! (cooked in foil w/garlic, olive oil, fresh parsley) with roast potatoes and veg and of course a glass of chardonnay!
i was suitably recharged and refreshed to hit the south island.

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