Wednesday, October 7, 2009

taupo (swiss german style)

this is what i like about new zealand-its small enough to meet the same faces on the 'circuit' as it were. always helpful when they are good looking men ...
me and dominic hit pubs and do shots that are native to our respective countries.
surprisingly we're able to rent bikes the next day and head to huka falls. its a modest waterfall. nothing too exciting there so we head back to town and have lunch and sit on the grass spotting animal shapes in the clouds! dinner and a dvd wrap up the evening as its an early start for me in the morning.
5:30 to be precise. im on a fly fishing expedition. i hit taupo lake with andrew christmas; my guide for the day. taupo is, apparently, one of the best places for trout fishing in the world.
im fitted out in my waders and warm jackets and we take on the river. we get there at around 6:30 and there's already many the man flying his fish.
its a tricky business to say the least of it. but we wade around from spot to spot. im even standing in water upto my tummy at one point! very cool. we have to most conversation-ranging from food, to fishing, to relationships, business, life philosophy. and all the while taking in the sun rise and nature. i can see why so many men do it!
and finally one catches! bring on the dinner. its a tricky business reeling him in. and the business to smashing his head with a rock and then gutting him is trickier still! but i do it! am pretty pleased with myself. we wrap max up in paper and he comes with me on the bus to wellington-where he will meet his final destiny .....

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  1. let me get this straight.

    1. you went fly fishing
    2. you caught a big fish
    3. you named the fish max
    4. you and said max went by bus to wellington
    5. where you ate said max?

    is this a lesson in not naming the animals you are going to eat...poor max...hope he tasted good


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