Saturday, October 31, 2009

... wanaka and mount cook ....

my road trip continued down the coast-a most beautiful drive. i stop along the way and take in some natural beauty at the blue lakes. eventually moving slightly inland to lake wanaka. i do very little and feel a but guilty because i know that my time is limited but i guess we all need our down days. well i take that back i did do something-i played a couple of very intense games of jenga with some scottish guys! bastien, a guy that i met in nelson arrives into wanaka so we hang out. we go clay pigeon shooting (i lost) and target practice (i win!). and a giant maze at puzzle world. he takes a notion and cooks an amazing french meal-fondue de burgoyne (spelling?) and white chocolate mousse. hmmm.
the next day starts early and we drive north to mount cook. one of the walks we wanted to do is closed because of avalanche. so while we're on another route i hear an avalanche-eshk! it sounds like a prolonged roll of thunder-quite scary considering the local information centre has a tribute book to all the people that died in the mountain.
it gets cold so we head to the one and only cafe. theres a giant fire on so we sit and have lunch and hot chocolates and watch the snow-bliss!

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