Saturday, October 17, 2009

road trippin .... punakaiki and fox

i rent a car in nelson and start my journey down the west coast. i stop in punakaiki to see the pancake rocks. stay in a lovely hostel on the beach front. just the one night and then hit the road again. i give a lift to a very chatty english girl as far as franz josef and then i continue on to fox glacier. i quickly drop off my bags and head to lake matheson to watch the sun go down-its sooooo pretty. i head back to the hostel for an early night.
up early to do the day glacier hike on fox glacier. am a bit nervous because im warned pre hike about rock and ice falls. when the glacier comes into view its absolutely stunning. hard to believe that a thing that size can move! and move quite a bit as it turns out. we walk up the adjacent mountain to access the glacier. theres a lot of stairs. we strap on our crampons and on we go. its quite surreal. especially when we stop to eat a sandwich in the middle of a glacier! the sun was soon clouded over and the rain starts pelting down and it gets really cold. we eventually find our way off the glacier and back to solid ground. what a day and my legs are killing me-but its all very satisfying. i fall into the bed after a charming meal of instant noodles and sleep sleep sleep.
hit the road again ....

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