Monday, October 4, 2010

The birthday weekend

Is it sad to admit that the birthday bunting and balloons are still attached to the curtain poles?
One wonders what else there is to say about the birthday weekend. It really was that good-I couldn't have wished for more. People flying in from far flung and near flung places, people making and baking, getting presents (!), and of course the chat chat chatter. Its always nice to spend time with fantastic/amazing/inspiring people,
it certainly softens the blow of the whole getting older thing.

What better way to polish off such a perfect weekend than with an impromptu dip in the sea. What? yes.... as I power walked my way to the bull-wall the sun was shining and damn it that sea looked good, it had that turquoise thing going on so f@*k it-why not?! I took refuge in the first women's swimming shelter as I quickly stripped off to my undies-quickly quickly-down the steps into the water before I changed my mind. next thing I know I'm swimming towards to nana's chimneys (poolbeg power station). Well not quite that far-it was bloody freezing, oh no I mean it was 'refreshing'. A little bit out and back again. Don't know if it was swimming as much as crazy doggy paddle like movements to keep the blood running through my veins. Tentatively made my way back to my clothes and wringed myself out. Set off back to the house, hopped into a steaming shower and congratulated myself on a fine start to my thirtiness.

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