Thursday, September 23, 2010

The impending birthday

So a landmark in the life of niamh will be reached this weekend. It's a big one, for me, its 30. I know anyone older than this is scoffing right now, in the way that I scoff at people younger than me when they complain about getting older. Let's face it no one has ever turned 30 before.
Of course the blow has been softened with some friends/family getting on planes and coming to commiserate/celebrate with me. I'm looking in your direction aoife, lara, kristin.......but don't worry ann marie nothing can fill the gap that you've left on the dance floor... slide and hand shake, shimmy and chop!
I have been having some what of a third life crisis. The proverbial what am I doing with my life question has been dominating my thoughts of late. Feel as though I'm coming through the other side of it now (don't worry crisis i'll touch base with you again in the new year). Feeling a little chuffed at everything I've managed to do and achieve in the last decade. No such thing as mistakes just learning curves. Ahem. With that in mind here's to a few more learning curves in the years to come-chin chin!

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