Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The joys of procrastination

Ahh the virtues of procrastination. Great to know there are some after all. Just finished this article and felt it was kind of imperative to share it : (sorry but for some reason my hyper linking is refusing to work so its a copy and paste job....but its worth it!)

I decided to get rid of one of my obstacles to writing, the internet. Its devilish ways were too much for my attention span so it got the axe. For those of you who aren't brave enough to go that far you might benefit from this little program :

even with it gone though I still find it hard to put bum to chair. Last night I baked a potato that obviously needed constant supervision. I then went onto stew some plums in my fancy new gadget; a slow cooker. A walk was also in order.....all in all i got about about five sentences moved and a few others deleted. But even that eases the guilt. Punishment-reward, punishment-reward. Myself and my house mate have even created a little dance for it. now if that's not productive procrastination I don't know what is.

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