Monday, September 20, 2010


I would like to say that these tasty treats were caught by me but no. In the fishing department I am an expert tackle looser; it gets caught in rocks, seaweed and other peoples lines much to my brothers despair, as most of the tackle I loose is his. And he's still kind enough to hand over the fish that he catches-I couldn't ask for more! So these beauties were caught off the south wall on friday evening with a spectacular sunset to boot. One Mackerel, One Pollock.
Cooked with up with the help of my new roomie, Ollie. We had them with beans from my mother's garden and broccoli from ollie's old fridge-oh and a bit of wild rice too. So simple so tasty. And talk about fast food.....
Veggies look away now : if you've never gutted a fish before it really is easy. I do it in the sink under running water as I'm a little squeamish about this stuff and the water rinses everything away before you get a chance to think about it! Insert the knife in the belly (just below the head) and run it all the way down to the tail-pull 'contents' out and discard, chop the head off and viola. Its a little grim but worth it! I didn't bother scaling or filleting.

Put the fish in tinfoil with a little salt and pepper and a knob of butter: wrap up the tinfoil so its sealed completely. Put it in the oven at 150 for 20 minutes.

We cooked up our wild rice, blanched the veg added a little salt and pepper once cooked and that was it.
so simple.....catching it is the hard part.....

(excuse my steamed up picture-it was hot in there!!)

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