Monday, August 16, 2010

saturday fishing on the south wall

whats not to love: not much chatter, the sound of the sea, the sunshine, watching seagulls and cormorants, drinking tea, eating sambos. watching the yachts on the dun laoghaire side of the harbour fall in and out of line with each other, their brightly coloured triangles mesmerisingly full of unstoppable wind.
the methodical movements: over the shoulder, under the arm and reel and pull and reel and reel..... hoping it will make it over the rocks and not get caught. that next time you'll manage to get your throw a little further out to sea. watching the man next to you bring in two on his eight feathered line. our odds are probably about even. and hoping and hoping that maybe you'll catch something other than a bit of sea weed. ok next time reel and pull. next time ....

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