Monday, July 26, 2010

the poetry bus

am seeing a lot about this poetry bus thing and cannot find its route anywhere. can anyone shed some light on it for me?


  1. Hi Niamh, The Poetry Bus leaves every Monday to a different destination and all poety people are invited to purchase tickets. It was started up by Totalfeckineejit - - who would drive the bus and establish the cost of a ticket. Recently though, he has been having a break and the bus has being doing a worldwidetour, driven by someone new evry week. Basically the driver sets the theme, you produce the poem and link back to your own site and hey, hey, you're on.
    To find out who's driving the bus on any particular week, go to the sidebar on TFE's blog.

  2. thanks peter! i think i'm still a bit confused. i'm assuming there is no actual bus?! will check on it next monday i guess ....

  3. No, no actual 3 dimensional bus.
    'Confusion' was actually this week's theme...

  4. This week's driver is over here

    hopefully she'll have a prompt up soon, then you leave her a comment by monday when you've the poem up... see ya on board..


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