Monday, March 22, 2010

the problem with being single ...

…. it would seem, lies with other people not me. I have absolutely no problem with being single. Other people however feel the need to offer their condolences. No strike me, their condescension. ‘Oh it happens when you expect it least’, ‘Oh you’d never know who you’d meet’, ‘Oh it will hit you sideways’.

Really is that so.

I am starting to say ‘I’m not interested,‘ ‘Really I don’t care’, so much that I’m starting to come across as the lady doth protest too much. But I will say it again, that right now at this moment in time- I. Don’t. Care.

Look, I’m not against love. When it’s good it really is amazing and when it turns sour …. well we all know I don’t have to spell it out. Been there, have the t-shirt and its lying in the bottom of my wardrobe somewhere.

I can’t understand why people feel the need to reassure me. Reassure me of what? Even me mother is at it! But I suppose mothers will be mothers.

I never swaned around as a kid with a pillow case aka veil on my head. I was strutting around my sitting room being an important high flying executive who travelled the world and was really important-did I say important already?

Ok so I got the travelling around the world thing but I’m still working on the important thing.

God forbid that you would actually enjoy hanging out by yourself; enjoying a book in sweet uninterrupted peace and quiet. Or go shopping without a person straggling 5 feet behind you. Or even go to the cinema and enjoy the whole tub of pop corn to yourself-no sharing that’s right you never have to share when your single. Ahh I said it, it’s out there and its good. No sharing the bed, no sharing the food, no sharing the wine, no sharing desert, no sharing the bills, no sharing the cleaning, no constant sharing of personal space …… ahh sweet selfishness. I am selfish and I am proud and I plan on enjoying every sweet minute of it. Because who knows things might just change and I might get swept off my feet sideways, of course, and it will be when I least expect it, of course.


  1. have you tried church? my grandpa says CHURCH is the BEST place to find a man. ;)

    enjoy your sweet selfishness because you know what? it's not selfishness at all. it's living your life as you see fit and if all of the idiots over there don't see how wonderful you are, as is, i say screw em. they don't deserve the wonderfulness that is niamh. sure, she enjoys shopping on her own, eating her popcorn in sweet silence, and drinking the ENTIRE bottle of wine, but she's willing to scooch, to share, to make some room for someone worthy. that's just the thing, though -- they've got to be worth it. otherwise, drink up! and sometime when you're drunk, why, just as you've said, some stunner'll come sweep you away to boston and we can eat giant pieces of pie together like we used to and he can cart us up to new hampshire (the only thing boys are good for. well. almost.). ;)

  2. its so true its living-thats the way men do it why can't we? why is the women always have to adapt to the way men live their lives? their goals? their achievements? i say fuck that im doing what I want to and you can change for me!

  3. Ah sure people are always being annoying. I'm going out with someone for years and now people are all "So, is he The One?" and "So, have you thought about children?" and "Would you not think about getting engaged,nooo?".

    And being single means you don't have to compromise. Compromise is a pain in the ass!

  4. all i have to say is arrrrrggggghhhhhh! 'the one' whoever coined that term has a lot to pay for. i am 'the one'-ha!


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