Monday, March 29, 2010


So I guess shit happens. This weeks cookery lesson got bumped off the timetable. Can’t say I’m not disappointed! But such is life….here’s hoping for next week ….

So instead of being creative in the kitchen I got creative with a sewing machine. I went into Topshop the other week to have a look around for a full length black skirt. I found one but I was a bit dismayed at the price. This is the problem when you’re able to make stuff; you pick something up in a shop gawp at the price and instantly state with defiance ‘for gods sake I could make that myself.’ Your caught in a bind. In the first instance one goes without things due to reluctance to pay stupid money for something ‘I could make myself’. In the second instance one is too lazy to make things that one could make for oneselves. And so in an effort to end this cycle I trawled through the eh… three good fabric shops that are open in Dublin on a Saturday. Murphy Sheehys was stop number one, Blarney Woolen Mills stop two and as always Hickey’s came up trumps for stop number three. Third time lucky etc.

So the sewing machine is in my mother’s house. So I had to drive out to Swords to complete my mission. I don’t want to hear from anyone calculations of time wasted looking for fabric x petrol money to Swords x time spent making the item = skirt was cheaper in Topshop. Where is the rewarding activity in that?!

So moving on. The skirt was very easy to make. I vaguely measured by hips and chopped the fabric into two pieces: width of hips x length. Sewed up the two sides and attached a piece of elastic to the top. Really could not have been simpler. I didn’t even have to put a hem on it.

It has yet to make its debut in the world. Tried to wear it the other night but the rain scuppered my plans pretty quickly. Anybody who wants to try it for themselves and wants more techy details of my method just ask. Here’s a not very good picture for your perusal.



  2. ahh i wanna see some pictures!i love it!


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