Friday, March 26, 2010

a good idea?

So what is about the combination of good food + good wine equalling great ideas? I wonder how many creations, inventions, ideas for great novels came in the flush of in vino veritas? Well over dinner and a subsequent coffee my brother and I thrashed out, in my opinion, a pretty great idea: The Saturday Project. The project is: one day a week (surprisingly enough it’s Saturday) we get together to make simple, beautiful, delicious food. Brian will teach me how to make all the delicious dinners of my dreams! We’re going to use fresh seasonal produce that’s readily available. I’ll even put up the pictures at the end of the session so that you can see for yourself how hard we will be working!

For those of you who don’t know Brian is my big brother. Chef extraordinaire, he has worked in some hardcore kitchens including Bruno’s and Chapter One in Dublin and The Bistro in The Plaza Hotel New York. You will currently find him doing his thing in the fantastic Juniors on Bath Avenue. If you haven’t gone I can’t recommend it highly enough. If one of their lunch time sandwiches doesn’t fill you there’s definitely something wrong with you. Although I have heard that some of the Irish Rugby team have been known to have two. I can’t even get through one!

So if your doing nothing else this Saturday afternoon/evening check out my blog for some mouth watering pictures and tips!


  1. sounds great cant wait to see this guys food!

  2. The Mona Lisa was painted in a vineyard in France!


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