Sunday, July 26, 2009

waterton national park

in a word: amazing. deer roamed the streets like it was nothing special and the population of the town, 35 ppl, behaved like it was nothing special. insane. if it hadn't have been for alexa working there i would never of heard of it and certainly never have gone. thanks lexi!
it was a fantastic few days of visual and culinary pleasures!!! and of course excellent company ....
did a hike in the rockies to bertha water fall. went kayaking in cameron lake. had a near disaster where i nearly ended up disappering up the creek. but all was not last although kate did nearly have a heart attack from the safety of the bear inhabited shoreline). i paddled my way into the middle where i was technically speaking in america-montana to be precise. it was all too much hard work and made my way to shore. much to kate's relief.
we did a romantic sunset cruise around the lake. it was all so stunning and so much to take in.
i sampled bison steak : much the same texture as beef but a little denser and subtler taste.
i partied it up with alexa in a great bar of waterton, that is the only bar in waterton, the thirsty bear. and had many the glass of canadian wine. thumbs up!

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