Wednesday, July 8, 2009


the week panned out quietly enough. i did the irish loop tour.
which was me and two other mature ladies being driven around in a car. can't beat that for local service.
i couldnt believe the differences in landscape only a half an hour away. it was went from beautiful port towns, to mountainous forests, to barren bog land, to shale beachs, to mountians again. it was just incredible. i even manged to see an ice-berg, a small one in the distance but an ice berg none the less!
i spent a lot of time sitting in a great cafe, have jave, and eating their amazing turkey sandwiches. maybe thats because i was hung over a lot of the time and incapable of doing anything else!
i did however also manage to do a small hike trail, historic walking tour, celebrate canada day and go to a film festival. there were even a few irish films being screened. also visited cape spear which is the most eastern point of north america-next stop galway!
one thing that remained a constant through out my week there was the fog. it rolled in at least once a day. mostly in the morning and was burned off by about midday. i did enjoy waking up to the sound of the fog horn though.
on the day that i tried to do a whale and puffin tour the sun was beating down in st john's so i got a lift to the bay of bulls where one of the boats leaves from, which is half an hour down the road, and the fog was so bad the trip would have been a waste of time. i was pretty gutted when i had to return to the sun shine in st john's.
i would definetly live there.

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