Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lacuna [2] at Taylor Galleries

Lacuna [2] runs at the Taylor Galleries, 16 Kildare Street, D2 from the 9th-31st May. It features the work of Neil Carroll, Cora Cummins, Sarah Jane Finnegan, Gillian Lawler, Shane Murphy, Sonny Ortolano.
Through a strange mini series of events, involving work related cassette tapes advertised on free-cycle and cassette boxes, a sample piece of Braille that I had produced made its way into the hands of the artist Shane Murphy. He was intrigued, as most people are when they first come across it. Subsequently I produced the Braille for a pamphlet that he displayed at an exhibition at The Library Project in Temple Bar. Apparently it went down a treat. That's not a part of the Lacuna exhibition but some of his other pieces are.
They are captivating. Ethereally dominating the room in a most unexpected way. Delicate but strong at your feet, tying in corners, lines and intersections. At once a-side and an integral part of the space.

Or just as you step inside a room. Dominating with its fragility. All eyes cast downwards.

Hanging in the high corner, then, like a cobweb. Its structure independent but completely dependent on the walls that hold it. Its scaffolding. You just never know what you're going to see when you look skywards.

And finally this, not because it was a part of the exhibition but because it captured me. The contradiction of a covered window. For me the window is one of the most important features in an exhibition. I find myself spending as much time looking at what is on the walls as I do looking through them gazing out to the messy art of life.

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