Thursday, February 20, 2014

Trócaire Poetry Competition

Last year as I was travelling through Umbrian countryside I got a phone call to say that a poem of mine had been selected as a joint second place in the Non-Published Poets Category in the Trócaire Poetry Ireland Poetry Competition! Delighted I was - celebratory wine quickly ensued. Well when in Rome ....
The poem is called "My Hands" and you can read all of the winners and shortlisted poems here. If you're looking to hold a copy in your hand you can get in touch with Trócaire here. (I think its free - but don't hold me to that!)
In a "the world is such a small place" moment it turned out that the winner of my category Caoilinn Hughes with her beautiful poem "Bolivian Children" and I have a mutual friend in New Zealand. Seriously. Caoilinn just launched her debut collection "Gathering Evidence" with Carcanet . You can buy it here. If her winning Trócaire poem is anything to go by, its gonna be good!
So now the competition is looking for its winning 2014 entries.
Try your luck ....


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