Monday, July 1, 2013

Catherine Dunne wins the International Prize of the Giovanni Boccaccio Literary Awards

Catherine Dunne's  'THE THINGS WE KNOW NOW' has won the International Prize of the Giovanni Boccaccio Literary Awards, just announced yesterday.

The Press Release stated:
... "Catherine Dunne’s novel ‘The Things We Know Now’, Macmillan (‘Quel che ora sappiamo’, Guanda) is the winner of the International Literature Prize of the 32nd Giovanni Boccaccio Literary Awards.
This year’s prize celebrates the 700th anniversary of the great Italian novelist’s birthday: Giovanni Boccaccio was born in Certaldo, Florence, in 1313. In her imaginative exploration of the most painful grief that anyone can endure – the loss of a child through suicide – Dunne excavates the subtleties of both the inexplicable and the unspeakable. She illuminates that lack of understanding and awareness that can inhabit even the strongest and closest of our human relationships."

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her debut novel 'in the beginning' has just become available as a kindle download here.

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