Thursday, July 28, 2011

A lil trip to Belfast

Upon finding a pretty fantastic deal, Sarah and myself headed to the home of Stormont and the farl; Belfast. As these things turn out, its much of the same stuff but in a different location, in other words we passed the time walking, eating, drinking and talking. Ok I can fudge no longer, the focus of the day was food. And so you will find below pictures of a nice cafe and a restaurant and of me in front of city hall which incidentally was taken just before a marks and spencer picnic on
the stoop.

Cafe Conor, which we visited post Starstruck exhibition in the Ulster Museum. We had Prosecco with bread, olives and tapenade, which was brought to us by a waitress who couldn't understand why I would want olive oil for my bread as there was already tapenade on the plate. But a fellow waiter redeemed our afternoon when he pointed us in the direction of the Duke of York bar.

Very stylish indeed. We stumbled upon the newly opened Potted Hen in the Cathedral Quarter post Duke. Calamari to die for and a truffle infused risotto, all washed down with a NZ Sauvignon Blanc.

Oh and there I am!

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