Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pesky Time

Damn it there goes another month! I now officially sound like parents and real adults through out the land. Where does the time go at all at all? So january what was that all about? It included the best (albeit the most expensive) day off in the history of days off; it started with a hot stone message, followed by lunch at the house ( ), (I really don't know what can be said about their chocolate raspeberry brownie, tasting is believing. go there.) then the black swan, then dinner and a dance around the kitchen to graceland. Top. The black swan is still lingering in my thoughts. what a fantastic film, one of the best i've seen in a long time. So many things to say... reliability of the narrator, mother/daughter relationships, demonisation of sexuality, the perils of perfectionism; which i think any creative person will understand, but all of that is another days work ...
In booky stuff i have been doing a rather slow trawl through the finkler question. The gaping chasm in my knowledge of judaism and its culture is astounding. It also doesn't seem to matter how many documentaries i watch i still don't understand the israeli/palestinian conflict. Got a mini glut of books from amazon and have already started into sam willets debut collection, so far so stunning. I'm rather excited to start carsom mccullars the heart is a lonely hunter. I saw a photo of her yesterday and i loved her hair so ergo i will love the book.
And now i dream of travel again. Have particularly been dreaming about cuba. Will get booking as soon as i am feeling brave enough to take the financial plummet-oh no i mean plunge.
Once i have the dream i know i have to do it.

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