Monday, May 10, 2010

Andrew Whelan's Haiku

Here are some lovely Haiku by my good friend Andy. They are part of a small collection written by him recently. Am very glad to share on his behalf-Enjoy!

Poem collection may 2010
by Andrew Whelan

'There's Spring in my step',
A worthy poet noted,
And a text from you

Travel trés aimé:
100mls of shampoo
Terrorist ads.

Baby bird feathers
Among the deadest of leaves
But then,which fell first?

Sink-wreathed Floss with Hair
On an unspecific day.
Mop it up baby.

Cast on the iron fence.

Harmonic punks need
Finite coffee and milk swirls
As universe turns.

A minature litter of cats,
Siphoned off the runty muscat
Of the night before

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