Wednesday, April 28, 2010

glasses ..... really?

Oh how I love thee TK Maxx. When 'I did darken its doorstep' last Sunday afternoon I wasn't expecting anything much but low and behold like a beacon in the night-there they were. Now most of you will probably think my excitement was unfounded. I will admit to being highly caffeinated at the time; but when I saw those black boxes with that white lettering spelling out that wine lovers dream 'Riedel'; who was I to say no?
I very excitedly picked up the boxes to see what was on offer.
Two Chardonnay/Viognier glasses: MINE.
Two Shiraz glasses: Ahh MINE.
Two Pinot Noir glasses: Oh, well, ehm....MINE.
In my excitement I contacted everyone I thought might also want in on the bargain. That was two people: Andy, my fellow wine course attendee, and my father. I live the high life I do.
Now I feel like I've graduated my course (even though I still await my results) with honours. Although I wonder would I also have been as excited pre-course?
I sampled my wares last night with a very tasty Cote Du Rhone (mostly Grenache, so very easy, pleasant drinking). And even though it was accompanied by a chick flick and a bowl of popcorn, with glass in hand, it was all very fabulous.
Check them all out :

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