Thursday, February 25, 2010

back again ....

Ok world stop giving me that evil eye. I know I know-I started well and then I just kind of drifted off. What can you expect? I was off travelling the world! Anyway the pace got too fast towards the end. Moving every second or third day. Internet connection was sporadic and my will was non existent. I know excuses excuses-thank god they’re valid!

If your wondering about all of the time that has gone between then and now a brief overview looks like this, in order of occurrence: Sydney, Bangkok, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, London, Seville, London, Dublin. I’ll get back to them bit my bit as my memories dictate.

So anyway. I’m home now and needless to say I’ve got more than enough time on my hands. I would be lying if I said being at home again wasn’t a complete shock to the system. Once Christmas was over and everyone went home or went away (I’m looking at you Mahoney!) I found myself at a very loose end indeed. But in every dip there is a rise and I’m on the way up again. Got moved out of the parentals and into my own space again. I love love love my own little space bubble. It’s nice existing in here and venturing out into the world only when one fancies it. That’s of course not including the required ‘work’ time and that is most definitely not in the bubble!

So my mission before was to chart my travels and all my adventures. But hey just because I’m at home doesn’t mean my adventures end. Life is one big adventure baby!! So they may not be the far flung adventures that enthralled me before but they are new ones and they are different!

So my year started off with a 2010 Mission Statement. For sheer embarrassment reasons I’m not going to post the mission statement here but if you read along I’m sure it will become pretty evident what some of the items on my mission statement are.

In fact the Renaissance of my blog was an end of January addition to my mission statement. So unsure was I of it, that I wrote it in pencil!

So if I can do this based on a pencil note I bloodly well better stick to the following once this goes live …… eshk!

I aim to write about my home adventures twice a week-oh that’s it its out now. Twice a week eh? Well we’ll see about that ……. stop lazy section of brain stop it!

Twice a week it shall be. It’s my mission and I choose to accept it.

So right now my interests are still pretty much the same as the banner above would indicate. So not much has changed I guess. Maybe one or two more to add: the actual act of writing, cooking, clothes (oh sweet beautiful clothes!). Hmm that’s all I can think of now.

This is, by the way, more about my lack of discipline and my sheer strength of will to change it than anything else.

Here goes ……

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