Monday, September 23, 2013

The Black, Strong and Sweet Poetry Series at Ranelagh Arts Festival

“Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love. And so should poems”.

The Black, Strong, and Sweet Poetry Series is a public arts display which ran May-July 2013 at Nick’s Coffee Company. The 12 poems selected for the series were showcased in full on the chalkboard at Nick’s, and selected lines from the poems will be displayed on the sides of coffee cups. Interviews with each of the poets can be accessed here:

On Tuesday September... 24th, as part of The Ranelagh Arts Festival, The Ash Sessions will present an evening of poetry and music, with readings by some of the poets featured in the Black, Strong and Sweet Poetry series, including:

Mark Granier

Maurice Devitt

Daniel Ryan

Fiona Bolger

Kit Fryatt

Jessica Traynor

Niamh MacAlister

Erin Fornoff

Phil Lynch

Afric McGlinchey

Music on the night will be provided by J.C Creasy.

The event will take place 8-10pm at the Ranelagh Farmers Market. Poet Dimitra Xidous (curator of the series) will host the evening, which promises to be equal parts black, strong and sweet (Admission: 5 euros).

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